Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Failing miserably at being a blog writer. As seen and verified by the fact that I haven't posted ANYTHING in almost a month! I found the older Blake is getting and the more active he becomes the more time I spend chasing after him, rather than writing about him. Ever since the admission back in May Blake has become so much more active and has progressed astoundingly in his developmental skills. He is pulling up on everything, and waking furniture. Which has in turned cause some bumps and bruising but is something we couldn't be more excited about!

Since the last blog post we have been to the lake, out on the boat, to a music festival, and hung out with some dear friends. Blake has enjoyed the summer and we have been making sure to cherish every moment we have while the weather is warm!

Our first adventure was to the ROMP in owensboro ky. We quite enjoyed the music, the people and of course the ICECREAM!

Our second trip was to the lake during Fourth of July weekend. We enjoyed the water, the sun and spending time with family.

We have mastered the pout....

And we have spent as much time as we can snuggling with our sweet- growing up to fast- miracle baby!

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