Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bad Blogger of the Year

Well, it is official I am the worst blogger ever! No post since July 23rd! Unacceptable! I could use the excuse that we've been busy, or life got away from me but honestly I didn't know how many people read or kept up with it---that was until I've been scolded by a few people asking why I haven't been here goes!

First update for those of you who don't see us often or follow on Facebook- our dear baby boy got his first big big boy haircut!

Looks like a totally different child huh?

We have made the most out of this summer planning, quite spontaneously, a little impromptu vacation to Chattanooga, TN which also included stops in Nashville and to the lake! It was a much needed week of relaxation and fun!

We enjoyed the downtown riverfront and aquarium, spent some time listening to some music.

We went up high hiking at rock city, and down low 1,000 ft underground to be exact at ruby falls!

We visited nashville, and enjoyed some time in the sun at kuttawa before heading back home too.

After all the fun of vacation it's always back to work! For Blake too! We have upgraded therapy and now have speech, occupational, and physical therapies weekly! He has started to regain some of his speech that he lost before the May stent in the hospital. He babbles, and has re-developed his "da" sounds which makes Zach such a happy and proud "da-da" and he even has been saying ah-zzzzzz (our dogs name) in his own special way!

Blake was fitted and now has his leg braces to help with his walking. Because of his cerebral palsy he walks with assistance on his toes- the leg braces help to keep his toes down to give him some stability! He is doing amazing in therapy since we got them!

We will try and keep the blog updated a little better with lots of cute pics and hopefully share some new videos with everyone.
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