Friday, September 30, 2016

Hargis Family

So last post I was bragging about being 25 weeks....and since I'm slow to blog these days.....I guess I should reveal our newest addition Ford William Hargis! Born July 30th, 2016 at 9:10am- weighing 7lbs 13oz (even though he quickly dropped to 7lbs once the swelling disappeared!) and 20inches long!

 He decided to come only two short days after my MD felt it was safe to stop all my meds that we're keeping him safely in my belly! After 4 1/2 weeks of bedrest, 2 tabs of procardia every 4 hours, progesterone injections weekly, ultrasounds and lab work bi-weekly and multiple fetal non-stress tests when we reached 37 weeks I couldn't help but feel like all of that was 100% worth it....even when I seriously just wanted to stop it all! It was the night of the 29th after posting this pic on social media that I felt like I was gonna POP that....sure enough I did! (Coincidently, the night my water broke, July 29th, is Blake and Conor's original due date- I feel like someone might of had a hand it that!) 

I opted to deliver naturally without an epidural which I'm so happy I did- but sometimes question my sanity that night! But it was so nice to feel normal, shower, & walk around literally less than an hour after delivering! 

We have now spent 2 months as a family of 4 and it has been such a blessing.....and learning experience! Learning to juggle a new baby and all of Blakes therapies, school, and medical appts is for sure new territory to us- and we are still trying to get the hang of it but we are getting there! 

Blake started riding the school bus this year....WHICH HE LOVES! The bus driver always brags that he is always so happy- smiling and laughing the whole ride! Blake is enjoying school so far, and is tolerating it so much better than the previous two years...especially considering the fact that our 'sleep in till 9am' kiddo is having to get up at 6am so that he can get on the bus at 6:30! We are still working on playing with peers and communicating, as well as walking, and much more but slowly we are seeing improvements everyday. We have been so happy with the progress Blake has made this year and hope to continue to see more now that Ford is here too!

Ford is now 2 months old, and he is a haus! We have never had a fat kid, and let me tell you, this kiddo loves to eat! He is smiling and even attempting to giggle now, he loves to play on his playmat, and with this little animal toy that Blake picked out for him at the store. Ford does have some belly issues that we are slowly seeing get better with the addition of Zantac (I mean what would we do with a kid that didn't have to have medicine haha!) He hates pooping he literally will wake up from a dead sleep at a mere fart, he also not a fan of being too far away from mommy- which between you and me I am okay with!

 We are so blessed with our little family, and couldn't ask for a better life!
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