Thursday, October 18, 2012

Get Scared for a Cause.

October 18, 2012

Sorry friends that there hasn't been real updates in a while. Not that I don't have much to say...I ALWAYS have something to say, its just, well there is just nothing new to report!! We have actually been free of doctors visits ALL week...nothing! NO therapy. NO appointments. NO nothing....well that is of course with the exception of Halloween costume shopping, mommy-son dance parties, a flat tire, sleeping, crying and well, of course changing the SMELLIEST diapers! (Some even brought me to my knees..whew...that boy and his stinkiness!) Blake is growing in personality daily, and I must say growing into such a BIG little man!! Blake keeps Zach and I on our toes with the occasional fussy fit, and my occasionally tearful, "What is wrong?!? I don't know what you need!" but we have almost gotten his cries down to a science. He isn't much of a fussier though- he mostly he has us laughing hysterically with his ham of a personality. Blake's expressions change on a day to day basis and he now is an expert on finding mommy and daddy in the room and cheesing REAL BIG!!! Not many smiles going out to poor Aussie though--he does get the occasional lick in! Blake is also becoming more vocal with his ooo's and ahh's- still not super loud or a constant talker..... but that is one trait we are glad he hasn't picked up on from his mommy. Blake is now going to bed around 9:30- 10:00...on bad days he likes to push the limit and try to stay up with mommy and daddy. But for the most part he goes to bed, still in his bassinet (we just haven't gotten comfortable enough to move him to the nursery quite yet!) but recently he will sleep (KNOCK ON WOOD) until around 4:30-5am for a quick feeding then fall back to sleep and not wake up until 8-9am for the day! WE WILL TAKE IT!! Waking up ONCE in the night is like heaven to us! Next week we will have some solid updates with a pediatrician visit, weight check and physical therapy all coming up. But until hold your attention.... PICTURES!! Make sure to make it to the end of this post for information about a Haunted Trail you can't miss out on!

So wide eyed- he was really looking like mommy this day.
Breaking hearts and taking names.
 I know its blurry but he as just talking away...Note the hat we have had for MONTHS that we thought would NEVER fit him!!
Aussie had just planted a big kiss on the back of his head!
 Our little lion man!
 Cheesing as he stares at his mommy!
 Oh how he melts my heart!
 I was too slow with the bottle he found his thumb to hold him over.
 Getting ready to go Halloween shopping.
 Ready for a visit with daddy at work!
 Such an angel when he sleeps...SEE all that hair?!? Baby isn't bald anymore!
 A special smile just for daddy!!
 Blake fasinated with his new play time rug.
Check out that grasping skill!!!
Visiting with Grandma Pam...he just couldn't stay awake!

Just a quick note- if you like haunted houses/trails and being scared---do it for a cause this year!! 
While Zach and I were at Riley we received a phone call from a father who had a baby in the NICU many years ago. This man, who had never met Zach or myself, found his way to our blog. He quickly connected with the feelings that he read about our NICU journey,especially relating to June 7th's blog Daddy's Boy when Zach after a LONG 2 months finally got to hold our little miracle baby for the first time. After reading this Matt contacted us to be a part of such a great cause! Terror on the Trail in Robards, KY is a Halloween tradition that benefits the Brain Injury Adventure Camp, and one family and this year they have selected to support our son Blake!! We couldn't be more honored to be a part of this yearly tradition and hope that you can spread the word and take the time to visit and enjoy the festivities! So go out this weekend or next and


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