Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hair cut.

So Friday Zach and I broke down and decided to get Blake's shaggy do, that constantly aided in the question "isn't she a cutie", cut professionally. I thought I would handle this very we'll since we have cut his hair before....
This was the major cut I did Back in May!

So this time should be easy! But after the haircut I literally lost it. Tears running down my face, I quickly called Zach to tell him I hated the hair cut, and couldn't even talk about it I just thought she butchered it! So I rushed home to show Zach the horror I saw....and then- he looked at me super confused! Apparently it looked fine, actually looked really cute! Zach then looked at me with such compassion and amusement and asked me a simple question that simply took me back...
"Katie, are you sure you're not just upset that he got his hair cut and he looks older and is in fact getting older?"

And that was it! That was the fact I wasn't yet ready to sweet little 1lb 6oz baby miracle, was no longer that....a baby! When did it happen? Those long days at the NICU when days couldn't go by fast enough, and now I can't get them to slow the heck down!

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