Tuesday, November 5, 2013

18 month checkup

Blake just had his 18 month check up. Blake is weighing in at a solid skinny 20 lbs 4oz....and is measuring a BIG 32+ inches! Tall skinny boy! We actually aren't far off of the national average for his actual age! Blake is still developmentally behind, mainly in gross motor skills, but cognitively seems very smart. (We will give a more detailed report with our next blog post!) We will in the next two weeks be traveling to Indianapolis for our yearly visit to his neurologist for an MRI, and we will be meeting with, yet again, a new developmental pediatrician. Hopefully we will like this one, and they won't move far away to Seattle like our favorite doctor. These appointments are never Zach or my favorite type of appointments but we know how special our child is, and medically what will be will be...however we are going in with open minds, and expecting nothing but great news. Positive vibes and thoughts are always welcome though!

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