Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Videos galore!

Since I'm awful at keeping up the blog, I thought I'd make it up with videos! Blake has been working real hard in therapy these days, we are trying to prepare for preschool. Which by the way sounds crazy...Blake and preschool?! It can't be time for that! So in order for Blakers to go to preschool and not be required to have a wheelchair he must show that he can independently use his gait trainer/walker....so we have been CONSTANTLY working on it. I'm sure he gets exhausted because....whew....it wears me out! But Zach and I hate to not push when he is so close, and we don't want him to just rely on a wheelchair because it's easier. So practice practice practice is what we do and I think we are getting pretty good at it!!

Just click the blue hyperlink to view the videos!

First steps without help from Momma, Daddy or Mimi!

This next video was the first time we took the locks off so he could turn and as you can see it's a learning process for sure!!! This is Blake trying out the gait trainer outside....a little wobbly but definitely still awesome!

And lastly a video that shows how funny and totally two Blakers can really be!! A video of Pure rotten-ness!!!!!

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