Monday, April 11, 2016


This day 4 years ago was completely overwhelming, as Zach and I welcomed our two tiny baby boys into the world. I went into labor at 5pm only hours after not getting my now discontinued by the doctor Procardia. I had been able to sustain for a week without going into labor after my water broke, but due to a rising white blood cell count the medication that had been helping and keeping my boys safe had to be stopped. That evening despite the terror, and worry Zach and I were surprisingly filled with joy and pride as we allowed family to see the first few pictures we had of our miracle babies Blake and Conor. These feelings were short lived and only lasted through the 11th, as the next day would change our lives forever.....but today....I am choosing to only focus on that joy and pride. I choose to remember the love and support from friends and family, I am choosing to remember that is was  with those prayers, and support that made that day and the days to follow bearable. Today I'm going to enjoy reminiscing and remembering my first and only day I had with both Blake and Conor- I'm going to celebrate their 4th birthday..... Just celebrating with one in my arms and one forever in my heart! Happy Birthday Sweet Boys!! 

💙 Happy Birthday sweet boys!

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