Saturday, February 16, 2013

10 months

I can not believe this week our lil' man turned 10 months. It's hard to believe and honestly has hit me pretty hard. Monday after work when I got home I held our little boy and stared in awe. Involuntarily tears began to fall, I'm not sure even I knew why. While staring at this perfect child I began to reflect. The visions of the NICU, his incubator, the ventilators, the machines, the first time he opened his eyes, the trip to Riley's, the Ronald McDonald house, the surgeries....after surgeries.....after surgeries!

The waiting, the worrying, the fear, the joy, more fear and more waiting. I remember the days slowly passing, minutes felt like hours. Hours felt like days.

We missed our family. We missed our friends. We missed the happy care free parents-to-be we had once been- we hated being the constant worriers we had become. We feared for our sons life, and we mourned for our gone angel all at the same time.
Reflections.....of the past make me hopeful for our future! Our son turns one in just a few short months, and what a year it has been!! Here is a look at some of Blake's first...compared to now!!

Blake's first hat... Then vs now!

This band used to slide on and off his leg....

Blake's very first outfit!

His first outfit compared to an outfit he wears now!

Blake and his first teddy!

Always LOVED his thumb! Even on the ventilator!

Blake at 1lb 1oz vs. Blake at 15lb

Blake at 3months vs 10 months

Blake's first "documented" smile.

Blake's now beautiful always on his face smile!! Such a happy baby!

Our first ever holding of Blake... Note Zach's fingers beside his head. It's hard to remember him being this small!

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