Sunday, February 17, 2013


Blake is actually 10 months old, however Blake has an adjusted age (how old he should be) on 6 months 3 weeks. Based on that we try and judge and expect milestones based on his adjusted age rather than his actual...confused yet? So going off his adjusted age we then must give and take due to his bilateral (meaning both sides) brain bleed. So though Blake should "technically" be sitting, rolling over from tummy to back and back to tummy Blake is not. With Blake it is hard to say when or how he will do things as those of you who have followed his story know he likes to do things his own way! So let's start with what Blake is doing!!

Blake babbles...still no distinct words like "mama" or "dada" but I think Blake thinks he is speaking full sentences!

Blake can roll from side to side and has just started rolling back to tummy. However he is still struggling with belly to back, although he does succeed sometimes it takes a lot if work for him. (again usually the easier of the two but Blake had to do the opposite!) we work weekly with physical therapy to get him to roll consistently.

Blake loves to "find" (or in other words eat) his hands and feet. However it is more difficult for him to get his feet all the time due to his lack of flexibility because of his tighter muscles. Again this is why we stretch daily, and have therapy so often.

Blake does grasp toys and plays with them though this is a newer skill and still does not want to use his left hand as frequently as his right. And he likes to "eat" all of his toys and if there are not toys...don't worry your hand will do! As long as he can chew on something he has no complaints!

Blake is still teething...but no teeth have popped though.

Blake's social skills are right at where they should be.
Blake's laughs...giggles and smiles all the time.
He turns to his name.
He knows his mommy and his daddy.
He even knows our dog Aussie.

His head control is actual at his actual age rather than adjusted.

With help in therapy he makes the movements indicating the want to crawl...and can actually scoot across the floor when prompted with minimal help.

Blake sleeps through the night from 8:30pm to around 8am give or take! ( YES we know we are lucky...YES we know it won't last! And YES we are definitely taking advantage and enjoying it now!)

Blake does eat solids but only takes first foods, and still does not finish a whole jar in a day unless its apples or bananas then the little guy will down them!

We aren't crawling, or walking, he is only 15 pounds, and no he hasn't said mama or dada...but we are just not there yet! As a preemie parent, sometimes it is hard to hear some of the frequently asked questions about Blake. Not that we ever get mad or upset it is just a long story we have relive over and over. And our story is definitely not all hearts and butterflies. Then having to explain that no my son isn't a "normal" (I use this term loosely) almost one year old.Some people just don't know... and its okay...why would they know? It's just...well i don't know a good adjective for that feeling I get-the easiest way to describe it- hard.

It's just hard. It is hard when I see babies way younger than Blake doing things he isn't yet. I've written a blog before of our "normal" and the toll it takes. I'm not perfect...I get disheartened and upset sometimes. I've even been in an argument with a random lady in Walmart that " son is really 9 months I'm not fibbin!" I loose my cool sometimes, I get upset, I even get mad. Not that I wish for Blake to be different I just sometimes wish for anything to be easy. Normal. But then again I stop- take a deep breath and am reminded that everything he does do- is one thing no one thought he would be able to ever do. I thank the Lord that he is alive and he moves, and laughs, and smiles! That no he is not a vegetable. That no he is not on a ventilator.

I'm thankful for every milestone met, and every good morning smile I see. (Those good morning smiles are the best!) I'm sure there is a lot I have missed that Blake does... And we have every bit of faith that he will do everything he is suppose to....just in his time.

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  1. He is going to be awesome! Don't worry about where he "should" be. Even full term babies don't meet those marks. Compared to my little one at 6 months he sounds spot on. Yay for eating real food. My 1.5 year old still won't eat much


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