Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend Zach and I ventured into unknown territory with Blake. We decided to introduce Blake to something we are quite fond of, something that brings us much needed relaxation and fun! We crossed our fingers that Blake to would enjoy this activity as much as we do, because if he didn't we were worried how we would spend our summer....but you never know until you test the this case quite literally! So to the water we went! We live on a river town so being out on the water is only second nature to our families. This year though my in-laws decided to bring the family closer together by investing in a lake house down at Kuttawa Kentucky. We were ecstatic! So for Memorial Day we packed up, and headed to The lake with Blake in tow! As anxious as I was that Blake would not like being on the boat or the loud noises, I should have known better! MY BABY LOVES EVERYTHING ABOUT WATER! Including being out on it! What a relief! And what a much needed relaxing weekend we had!

This face says it all! Boy LOVED it!

Captain Blake!!

We also found out Blake loves pickles!

Such a GREAT weekend!

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