Friday, May 10, 2013

Time for Your Check Up

A little behind here in the blogging world. A few weeks ago we had Blake's yearly check-up! For most that means weights of 20+ lbs and babies almost walking, but as you all know WE ARE NOT NORMAL! (Really never have been! Even before the boys were born!) But what Blake amazing! Blake is much farther along than we ever imagined at this point! We were 16lbs 14ounces at his one year check up- and 28 1/2 inches long...which by the way.. Was in the 4th percentile in his ACTUAL age! We have never been on his actual age charts for anything! We took that as a big win!!

Developmentally Blake is moving right along! He has decided he likes to get around EVERYWHERE in our home. Just not the traditional way...I mean really why start now doing things traditionally!?! Instead Blake takes pride in his rolling skills and rolls about throughout the house. From one side of the the other he finds what he wants and then...ready....set....ROLL! It's actually quite a sight to see...and he is fast too!

YouTube Video

This is an old video of Blake's rolling to get toys, now he is much quicker- which in turn means Zach and I have some MAJOR baby proofing to do!

Blake currently has a large vocabulary, mostly made up of words that i dont think exist- or at least I don't know the meaning to them! But he constantly says dada, hi, and quite frequently shakes his head no to about everything we say!

Blake is still having some trouble with his left arm/hand. But with lots of stretching, the use of an arm brace and therapy he is using it more and more. Even though I think he would just prefer to use his right for everything!

Speaking of therapy, other than working with his left arm, we are currently working on sitting, we are up to 3 minutes without tumbling, standing with assistance, and of course crawling.

In therapy we also work with everyday things such as eating, picking up foods, he is now learning to use a sippy cup, and much much more! Blake is leaning new skills everyday!

Sometimes it took us a few tries to get it...but with practice...
We got it!!

Blake's newest thing....Raspberries! And not the kind you eat!!

YouTube Video

Blake is a constant surprise! Every movement, sound, smile and laugh are true miracles. I thank God every night he allowed me to be his mother. This Mother's Day I will be snuggling close to my miracle baby, and holding close to my heart the memory of my angel Conor!

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  1. Zach and Katie, I just found your blog via The Chive's website. I will talk to my wife about contributing to your medical expenses fund, but for now I wanted to thank you for sharing Blake's story, and share mine. My name is Chris Hoy, and I was born around the same gestational week as Blake, back in 1982. My infancy had alot in common with Blake's and I am grateful for all my parent's shared with me as I grew up. One day when Blake gets to read your Blog I'm sure he will be amazed. I still recall how my parents never let a day go by without telling me they loved me and what a miracle my life was. If you would like to stay in touch my e-mail is If not, I understand. I have an 11month old daughter who I am chasing quite often. Keep up the good work, and KCCO. Sincerely, Chris Hoy, Physical Therapist.


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