Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers Day

Part one was last year. (See post here) Zach's post on his first Father's Day was not only very emotional but remained to be scary as Blake was still in the hospital with surgeries planned. This year is quite different...we are home...Blake is 14 months old, and minus some teething and belly issues this week he has been in perfect health. We are thankful everyday for the miracle God blessed us with...but what I don't mention as much is how truly thankful and blessed I feel to have Zach in my life. The night my water broke my husband rushed to my side, took me to the hospital and never left my side. Zach reminded me constantly that no matter what happened it started out me and him and it would stay that way forever. Forever by each others sides through thick and and him. When Conor passed I saw a man heartbroken, then quickly took my hand, reminding me it was us two- forever...he stayed strong for me. When Blake went through surgery after surgery I watched my husband stand strong and grab my hand, he would look me in the eyes and tell me that it would be okay. Blake is very lucky to have a father in his life like Zach. Zach and I never left Blake's side at the hospital 141 days...and yet Zach found a way to continue to support our family even when we were hours away from work. He is our provider, our rock, our love! And today we honor him...for Father's Day...part two! May this year be easier than the last!

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