Friday, September 27, 2013

More than words can express

I've always found it easy to write. Putting pen to paper and just letting all my feelings spill onto paper in ink. It wasn't until my boys were born and we lost Conor that I began to share my writing. Share my feelings, my fears, and my inner most thoughts. One thing I have never been able to do though is find the words to describe the relationship between my husband Zach and I. It's a love that is too hard to describe, where every word is not descriptive enough or expressive enough. The words seem small in comparison to what I truly feel every time I try! So today, I'm not going to try- because I know it wont come close to what I'm trying to say/write.
So to my husband,
I love you completely.
I cherish you always.
I am grateful for you, even though I often forget to tell you!
Happy 5 year Anniversary babe- here is to many more, and much more happiness!

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