Thursday, January 30, 2014


Blake has more struggles than I would like my almost two year old to have. A toddler should be running around, throwing toys, laughing, playing and making a mess. My toddler however is in a constant fight with his body. His brain tells him what he should be able to do, and his body unfortunately does not always cooperate. It takes Blake a little longer than most children to reach developmental milestones. Blake started crawling when he was 18 months old. He can not walk, or stand unassisted but as of this past month Blake has become more expressive, more curious and has been constantly wanting to pull up on things. Unfortunately Blake has a hard time with his left arm and it's tight muscles tend to make it very difficult and he will usually throw himself back out of frustration and give up. Which is maybe one of the most heartbreaking and hard things Zach and I have witnessed lately. The pure frustration alone can make us feel so bad and wish the hurt away. However after a lot of frustration, determination and persistent practice through repetition, we are ALMOST there!!!

This video is from today's therapy session you can see how hard he works! Such a trooper!

YouTube Video

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