Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter Hibernating!

I don't know if it's been the bipolar weather here in Kentucky, the craze caused the after Christmas commotion or if it's out of pure exhaustion but I have neglected the blog world for sure!

We, here at the Hargis household, have been bundled in tight here at our house. We make few appearances out in the cold, flu infested world these days! We can never be too cautious! Luckily, Blake has made it so far without anything crazy this winter, only a little snot, fussiness, and cuddling maybe once or twice!

Blake is getting so big, I can't believe (or am in denial) that he will be two in April! We still have daily struggles, and he has been showing more and more frustration at times with the function of his left arm. But of course even a bad arm can't keep this boy gates, and even some homemade blockades won't prevent this boy from trying to get wherever he probably shouldn't be! Although Blake's body doesn't always agree with what his brain wants him to do, his intelligence and thought process astound me on a daily basis. He will no matter what get where or what he wants- even if it take him double the time....he is one determined little boy!!!

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