Saturday, December 6, 2014

My child

You were born so fragile, so weak, so small.
You fought so hard, but we didn't know if you'd make it at all.

You worked so hard, so determined and strong.
Your journey was so scary, and heartbreaking, and long.

You continue to fight, against all obstacle and odds.
But your story was more than our was God's.

It was his plan for you to live, for you to fight, everyday.
With help of the doctors, the nurses, and all the people who pray.

It was His will, for you to show the world that miracles are real.
It was His will for you to strive, for you to grow, for you to heal!

I'm thankful everyday for the life he gave you.
You amaze me with every single thing that you do!

Because of you, your daddy and I have grown more in love with each other.
I'm thankful everyday to be called your mother!

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