Friday, August 21, 2015


Blake's procedure is over here at Riley, sedating him turned out much more difficult than expected. After three tries the nurses were unable to get an IV to use for sedation. The ICU doctor opted to give him a shot into his muscle of a paralytic to keep him from moving during the botox injections. The medicine they needed to use takes longer to wake up from than the IV sedation that was planned so he's being monitored a little longer than expected.

After the medicine took effect- Dr. Sobus used ultrasound to inject botox into Blake's left arm bicep, and pronator. And both legs in his hamstrings and adductor muscles. They said the botox should start working within 24-48 hours then peak at 2 weeks lasting as long as 3-6 we shall have to wait and see how the results are for our Blakers.

Blake's waking up now very slowly but surely. Everything went well- the first movement we saw from him was him waving "bye bye" to the RN- id say someone wants to go home ☺️

Zach Hargis and I want to thank everyone for all the positive wishes and prayers!

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