Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Beautifully Scarred

This is my son, Blake.

At first glance he looks like a normal, happy three year old.
From a glance you would never know the trials he has been through in his short life. As the clothes are removed we can count all the times he defied all odds....

1) horizontal long stomach scar. Necrotizing Enterocolitis- removed 8cm of his small intestine at 2 weeks old- weighing only 1lb 1oz.

2) small puncture scar above stomach. Eternalizing shunt after shunt malfunction.

3) three incision scars on neck. Each scar from shunt malfunctions.

4) long old skin tear scar on right arm- due to prematurity and fragility of skin.

5) another skin tear scar left arm

6) PDA heart surgery scar- done at 2 months old.

7) central line scar on chest.

8) old ostomy scar right side stomach.

9) shunt scar on the back of his head little graphic but this was the scar right after a malfunction in May 2014-

And now... You'd never even know it was there unless you shaved all his hair off

Blake has a variety of scars scattered across his body, each have a story, and each prove this child is made of steel! These scars, all different sizes, different shapes- all caused from different obstacles Blake had to overcome- these scars are beautiful reminders of all we've lived through. These scars are my constant reminders that MIRACLES are real and not just wishes.

"Some of the most beautiful people are beautifully broken"

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