Saturday, March 9, 2013

Outside Shenanigans.

So we finally had a "warmer" (meaning 50's) day...and boy did we take advantage of it! And as always I documented it with LOTS of pictures!
Early morning was a little chilly, so we turned Blake into a bear. He was not amused.

As the day got warmer and the wind died down Blake was a little happier, but still was very confused by all the noises outside.

Blake had so much fun, although when we would come back in while daddy stayed outside to finish working he would just continue to yell "dadadadadadadadadada" until I'd bring him back to Zach. Blake started saying "dada" a few weeks ago, paired with baba, and a funny version of the word "hi" our little boy is becoming more and more vocal...I really was hoping for a "momma" over the past few weeks...but this boy is definitely a daddy's boy and is sticking to it!

After some playtime later that night, and Blake playing lets stick our tongues out, our lil' man slept and prepared for his visit with his best friend the next morning!

And then we had a lovely visit from our friends Lindsey and Tannar and their big boy Cohen! The boys had so much fun playing together...although I think they were more interested in eating each others hands,and eating toys then anything else!

YouTube Video

All that playing outside and with Cohen plum wore our Mr. Blakers out!

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