Monday, April 21, 2014

Time for your Check-up

Blake's 2 year check-up time! Blake came in weighing a small 21lbs 9 ounces...we are getting there we've been stuck in the lower 20's for quite a long time now. Still not making it on the growth charts....his height however he is in the 10th percentile for his actual age at 33inches!

Blake will be meeting yet another new doctor at the end of this month, a Pulmonoglist from Riley. Blake has had an area under his right chest that concaves in for what seems like forever. So for our peace of mind we are having it looked at, hoping it is nothing! Prayers would be appreciated!!

You can see the area slightly below his armpit.

We have also over the past few month been taking Valuim for his cerebral palsy for muscle tone. It has been a GREAT help. Zach and I were very hesitate at first to start the medication worried it would hinder his progress by Over relaxing his muscles. However, after many discussions weighing pros and cons we decided it best to try it....and if we didn't like the effects we could stop the medication! However, since starting it, Blake uses his left hand much more, he is able to pull up on his toys, not perfectly mind you, but pretty darn good! And hopefully now that we have mastered hands and knees we are hoping to start gait training with a Walker this week!!

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