Thursday, April 24, 2014

a STEP in the right direction.

Everyday we talk, we tell people what we need, what we want. Everyday we walk, if we want something from across the room we simply get up, move our legs one foot after the other, and we go get what we are after. These things that seem so simple, things that everyone learns at such a young age....these are the things that we take for granted. What if you were unable to tell someone you were thirsty, unable to voice that our stomach was upset. What if when you spotted your, let's say phone across the room and you wanted it- but yet you were unable to get up and get it- or even ask someone to get if for you? What would you do?

Zach and I see it everywhere. Our friends, our family, even complete strangers with their children....the kids are running, playing, wobbling here and there. They want a toy, they go get it. They want a drink, they yell and point "momma drink!". Yet here is Blake, the poor boy can't just get up and go get the ball in the corner of the living room, he can't ask for his sippy so he can take a drink. These simple tasks that are easily learned are things Blake struggles with everyday. And as his mother, his father it's something that breaks our hearts. It's so hard to see the frustration of being unable to communicate. The frustration of not being able to just simply get what he is after. These frustrations usually lead to tantrums of the umpteenth degree...throwing foods clear across the room because that's not what he wanted, or literally chucking his drink clearly at our heads because that too was not what he was requesting. It's frustrating!

We all picture this life after your first child. The life of wonder, and excitement, and play! We never picture a life of therapy, and doctors appointments, and drawing up medications three times a day. We wouldn't change our lives, for it has lead us to be thankful for things that we so normally took for granted. We take pride and get so SO excited over the little victories! It doesn't, however, change the fact that we wish things were just a little- okay ALOT easier for Blake. We wish it didn't take up so much energy to do life's most simple tasks.

We are getting much closer to independence these days though. Today was a BIG day- it didn't go quite as I had made it up in my head but it's still a "step" in the right direction! PUN completely intended.....

Today Blake was introduced to a gait trainer. It is a device to help teach Blake to walk. We have waited patiently, we have worked very hard on getting Blake to a point of independence...being able to crawl, pull up on small things, sitting, and working getting up on his hands and knees. These were all the things Blake had to master before getting to a point of even discussing teaching him to walk. These are the things we do everyday! We stretch, we stretch some more, we work therapy into play everyday! And today we finally get the big pay off!......unfortunately, we didn't take into account that Blake always....ALWAYS.....hates all things new in therapy! So we will count today as an introducing day and really if you minus the constant crying, and terrified look in his face Blake did amazing! He took steps on his own, he moved forward and he held his weight relatively well! We will take it as a win- just maybe hoping for no tears or tantrums the next go around!

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  1. Hi Katie! So sorry for the struggles and frustrations! We are dealing with these as well with our 24 weeker baby girl, sending positive preemie vibes from Wisconsin!


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