Saturday, May 10, 2014

Becoming aquatinted with Riley again!

So on Thursday Zach and I took Zach to the doctor because Blake had a very large distended belly that was rock solid- it had become larger last week but really intensified on Wednesday-although he was acting normal, no fevers, eating and drinking fine I just felt in my gut something was wrong. So we had a X-ray and Ultrasound done of his stomach and from there we were told that we could take him but that we needed to go to Riley hospital as soon as possible. Blake's neurosurgeon was called and she warned us we would be here for weeks based on what the radiologist was saying at gateway. We arrived to Riley at 7 Thursday night and were prepped and taken to surgery that night. Blake's shunt had malfunctioned and was no longer draining into his stomach and what had drained had accumulated and was not absorbing but rather was just sitting in his stomach. They cut his shunt at his abdomen site and pulled the tubing out of his abdomen and hooked it to a drain outside the body. This will be there for at least a week if not a little longer allowing his belly to rest and awaiting all cultures to be finalized. They then drained the extra fluid that was sitting in his belly which was almost a liter. He went from 23 pounds 14 ounces to 21 pounds 7 ounces all within an hour.

Yesterday Blake slept most of the day, and had a PICC line placed. He was quite fussy, and lethargic throughout the day.

Blake is more awake today, decided to be more like himself at around 2 this morning...which meant not much sleep for momma and daddy! But we couldn't be happier that he is smiling again! He was allowed to get in a highchair today which he loved. He ate for the first time in two days. He still isn't drinking much still but has IV fluids going. The hardest part is that he will not be allowed to get up or move around for the next few weeks and the more he feels better the more he wants to, and the more he wants too the more frustrated he gets! The externalized ventricular drain comes out from an incision in his belly and is Hooked to a drain. So his shunt remains in his brain but the tubing has just been placed outside of his body so all CSF fluid is drained into a bag rather than into his stomach. (Clear as mud right?) That drain must be leveled at all times and he can not sit up but for thirty minute increments and when he is sitting up the drain is clamped. (Did I mention I'm a cardiac nurse and HATE all things neuro...they make my brain hurt....go figure!) luckily we don't have to understand too much of it as Blake has a sitter at his bedside at all times to protect the drain and prevent infection into the shunt tract. Thanks everyone for the thoughts and prayers we sure appreciate it!!!

Blake on the way to Riley- you'd never know that boy was sick!

You can kinda see how his shirt would not go over his big ol' belly.

As soon as we got to the hospital Blake was not a happy camper.

Blake was taken to surgery and this was post-op in the recovery room. He was extubated and doing well had some issues with his oxygen here and there but really was great!

Yesterday the bub was soooo blah and sleepy.

Until late last night when he was finally able to sit up and watch Mickey!

Today they allowed him to sit in a high chair for a little bit.

That made him very happy!!!

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