Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day Hospital Style!

So not exactly how I wanted to spend my 3rd Mother's Day. I've now spent two of the three at Riley hospital in Indy. My first Mother's Day Blake measured 13 inches and weighed 1lb 13 oz....this Mother's Day he is 33in and weighs 21lbs 8oz. That Mother's Day I couldn't hold my baby and today I've loved on him as much as possible!

But one thing that has not changed my day was spent loving whole heartedly the three most amazing men I know....Zach, Blake and Conor Hargis! What a lucky girl I am to have so many loves of my life!

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  1. Hi, I came across your story on the Inspire Preemie website. I have a 24-weeker named Emilie Grace who was born the same day as your sons one year later, April 11, 2013. Just reading your story its amazing how many similarities there are: 143 day stay, pda ligation, level 3 and 4 bleed, shunt placement, left-sided arm weakness, motor delay, developing CP. We also have feeding issues and difficulty gaining weight, which is our constant prayer. Her corrected birthday would have been July 30. Its so encouraging to see how far your little guy has come. Although we haven't had any issues with Emmie's shunt, I've prayed against it from the beginning. I have also prayed continuously that if we ever need a revision that we may have a successful third ventriculostomy done instead and can have her shunt permanently removed. I'll be adding little Blake to my prayer list and looking for God to keep performing miracles along his journey.
    God bless your family!
    Holly (


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