Saturday, May 17, 2014

Not what we were hoping.

Asking for prayers tonight. Blake and I are currently in an ambulance on our way to Riley with daddy right behind us. Last night after only 5 hours home Blake began to vomit. We quickly called Riley and they told us it could be a common GI bug or a GI problem caused from constipation post-op. We waited it out then after a long sleepless night and many more times of Blake throwing up we called again. They sent us to deaconess for rehydration and to get checked out. After a fluid bonus, labs, a KUB (xray of his belly) and a chest X-ray everything came back normal other than some constipation noted on the kuB. The plan was to send us home on miralax.....however Zach and I just felt that something was not right. So before discharge we requested a CT of Blake's head be done- and then it all went downhill from there. Blake is being admitted to Riley's children's hospital- again- for enlarged ventricles of the brain. Again we believe his revised shunt is not working properly. This is a very hard time especially after believing we were in the clear. Positive thoughts and prayers sent our way are much needed at this time! Thanks for all the support and we will try and keep everyone posted.

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