Monday, May 12, 2014

Yet another surgery.

We are here at Riley just preparing for Blake's surgery number....oh lord, who knows, they're all getting fuzzy and running together at this point. I think it's 11.

Blake is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow at 7:30. They are replacing his shunt, however because all cultures of the fluid in Blake's stomach have been negative for infection they don't believe some sort of virus that caused Blake to hold fluid into his abdomen causing the severe distention. They believe that his shunt didn't necessarily malfunction but rather as he has grown his stomach can no longer tolerate the amount of fluid draining from his shunt.

So what does that mean? Dr. Ackerman, his neurosurgeon, believe Blake's stomach is no longer a viable option for the shunt to drain to, so instead of placing the end catheter in his belly they are placing it into his right atrium of his heart to be absorbed into the blood stream. They will have a general surgeon, neurosurgeon in the operating room.

He had an ultrasound this morning and he still has some fluid in his belly, we are still uncertain if they plan on draining the rest in surgery or not. Which would entail sticking a needle into the area and aspirating the fluid out.

We are looking forward to Blake being able move a little more freely after this surgery, but with every surgery, especially one involving his shunt and heart always make us nervous. We will be trying to update everyone once he is out of surgery and in recovery.

Blake was able to make an escape from his room today. A trip to ultrasound in his fancy Riley's red wagon. He loved every second of his freedom he was given!

Gotta have our blanket everywhere we go!

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