Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Surgery is over- recovery begins.

This morning bright and early we got up, stomach in knots to take our son yet to another surgery. We trust the doctors here at Riley, and know he is in wonderfully capable hands but it surely doesn't make things any easier. Blake was such a trooper before surgery this morning. We are those parents, that are always there, right by his side, prolly in the way- and yes I am that Mother that when they offered that I could jump in bed with him to ride to OR, I didn't think twice. So four feet in the air, I jumped on in to his crib and away we went daddy in tow taking pictures all the way.

Surgery lasted a little over 2 hours. It was excruciating waiting, not knowing, playing all the scenarios of what could happen in your head. When Dr. Ackerman finally came out and told us his surgery went exactly 'text book' no surprises and they should be calling us back anytime. It was like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and that twisting feeling in my gut....lightened....it didn't fully go away until I saw our sweet boy! Blake's ventricular shunt is now draining the excess fluid on his brain directly into his bloodstream, as the end of the shunt is located in the right atrium of his heart rather than into his belly and so far no problems. Blood pressure is good, oxygen and heart rate is good, and he is resting well. We will however, just like the first shunt be very observant in watching closely for signs of infection, malfunctions, and bleeding.

We are continuing out our 7 day treatment of antibiotics and he will stay on the neuro unit to watch for any neurological changes. (With the shunt being in his brain they must always watch for any change in behavior, tiredness, or motor abilities). So far so good. Our little miracle baby is still just as miraculous as ever as our little boy!

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