Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A story book.

Once upon a time, in a land of Goldenrods and Bluegrass, a man and wife lived happily in a quaint little home in the country. They dreamed of children, little ones running up and down their halls and playing ball in the backyard. So they prayed and they prayed....and one day God granted them with not one...but TWO babies  to be delivered at the end of July.
So the wife...she grew and she grew...and she grew grew grew.

Until one day, those two princes, they decided they wanted to see their mommy and daddy three and a half months early. The first prince, born to have his daddy's middle name, was Blake Alan. 

The second prince, born to have his great grandpa's name, was Conor James. Both, born two of the tiniest princes, were a vision of perfection and love. 

Sadly for the man and wife, the angels sang and danced with the prince Conor, they sent a promise to the man and wife that they would see him again. So on that warm bright April day, after hugs and kisses from his mommy and daddy,the angels explained that little Conor was needed somewhere else. So he danced away in the golden streets of heaven, and promised to guard and protect his LITTLE big brother for his whole life.

 Bathed with flowers, and love, the man and wife, they prayed and they prayed for the safety of their child on earth. They prayed for their little prince Blake, and held close to the promise of their angel prince Conor to guard and protect his big brother. 

And protect he did...Blake kept growing and growing! Despite the evils trying to take their prince, Conor continued to protect and guard Blake. He sent him health, love, and prayers. Blake got stronger, and stronger, and the little prince became known as "the miracle baby".  As the months passed, and the spring turned to summer, and the summer to fall, the man and wife grew more in love with their precious princes. And soon with a little help from above, the man and wife were able to return to the land of Goldenrods and Bluegrass with their miracle prince, and their angel prince close in their hearts. 

But alas, this isn't just a story, its our life...and our life does not end....it continues and today our little Blake and angel baby Conor turn 5 months.
And We can't help but look back on their journey....
 before the size of both my hands together..
Now our little prince is a bit bigger...

 ID badge that used to slide on and off his ankle all the time...they couldn't even keep it on it would fall off.

Our little prince with his first knitted hat...
 Its a little small now-a-days.
 What used to be huge, now itty bitty.
Blake's second hat
and now....

Note Blake's too big Blood Pressure cuff...
 and now.....

His first outfit- he little feet didn't even fill the bottom of the onesie.
 And now I don't think his leg would even fit into if he tried.
Blake's home-made onesie...cute as can be...
 Now a little small compared to his onesies he wears today.

Our first family photo. Blake on the ventilator- 
 first time holding after a long time (2month) wait.
 Our first professional family photo....
5 months and we can hold him anytime we want now!! 

Always protected by little brother Conor, and always has his prayer blanket with his identical angel pin that Conor has on in his burial outfit...
From the first week its never left his side.

 And Still snuggling away with it.

Its been a long bumpy journey, and very bittersweet. Today Blake and I visited Conor. Conor's headstone will be in a few weeks, but today we decorated the site with a flower from each plant in our garden outside our house, and I sat and read a book to both my sweet boys. 
 Happy 5 months to my precious miracle baby Blake and my sweet angel baby Conor!!


  1. How touching and well written. Made me want to smile and cry at the same time. The pics of Blake's too small hats completely cracked me up! Keep up the good work "little miracle" and awesome inspiring parents.

  2. You are truly an inspiring woman - God will use your experiences in ways you could NEVER imagine. Blake is a special boy (which I am sure you know) and having parents like you two is exactly what God had in plan.

    Keep smiling and praising God for the miracle Blake is, and thanking him for the angel you have to watch over your family!
    God Bless!

  3. So...... I can't even find the words!! Katie u have the most beautiful gift!! The words u write, the strength u show even though u have been to hell and back u r a true role model. Hoping for nothing but peace and happiness for u and your wonderful family!!


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