Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rambling Sentences.

Whew, we are tired here at the Hargis household!! Worn out, too tired to make a long post, that isn't full of the mad ramblings of a sleep deprived momma...
but to calm the crowd...

My cutie man!!

Best buds!!

Blake and Britney just hanging out.

When he is tired, he falls fast...
and in any position he likes!!

Growing up so fast...and growing a head full of hair these days.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Katie my name is Katie hargis also and I have a 9 year old son who's name is Blake also. My husbands name is Slade which is your husbands cousin. I have been following your story and I am so excited that Blake is doing well. I know you have pain from your loss and have joy for Blake such a hard thing to do but you guy seem so strong. Prayers that Blake keeps getting bigger and that your heart can heal. I also have 3 other children that make 4. Two boys and two girls. One of my babies was born at 34 weeks and like you said for everyone to stay away with a cold don't let anyone in during the flu season. My baby got sick because my two older children had the flu and it was awful. Keep that baby in the house away from as much people as you can it will be well worth it. I know your a nurse and know all about that stuff. Thanks for all your post and letting everyone know how Blake is doing. Love the hargis family.


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