Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chunky Monkey

Blake had his bi-weekly check up on Friday for a weight check, and boy oh boy my baby is an eater!! On August 21st we came home at 6 pounds 4 ounces, exactly one month later, Blake is now 8 pounds 12 ounces!!! WHOOT WHOOT!!! We couldn't be more proud of our fat baby!! We did receive some bummer news at the appointment, our pediatrician thinks Blake might have a new inguinal hernia- in that case, if he does he will most likely need....yet another....(long pause with bum bum bum sound effect entered here)...surgery. We meet with Blake's surgeon from Riley's on Tuesday (which is today for you night shifters like me!!), so we should have more information. We hope for the best case scenario, which would be no surgery needed, but if it is needed we have been through it before and we can definitely get through it again!!
Here is some pics of our little chunky monkey!!

Blake in his new high chair

Smiling boy
 Playing with his toy
 He didn't like his bumbo at first
 He got used to it though.

 Lil' man.

In his pack and play. 
 Aussie always has to be somewhere near

This past week we were given two wonderful baby showers!! Words can't explain how emotional showers are, and how thankful we are for them! Unlike most people, we were unable to have our planned showers, our first being on the 21st of April, at which point my babies had already been born and Blake was almost two weeks old. I think the hardest part to cope with since being home is not having that normalcy, not having the usual silly things you don't think about. I was 23 weeks when my water broke, I had only just begun to feel my babies move around in my belly, Zach had only felt them kick a few times. We never got to enjoy my pregnancy, enjoy the showers with silly games and people feeling my wonderful blessings move about in my belly, we never got to that nesting period, picking out how we wanted their nursery. The painting, the ideas coming together, the furniture being placed. Instead we had it all so swiftly taken away from us, and as we cope, it still is slightly hard thinking of showers, and the "normal" things we were suppose to have already done, had, etc. So when we were asked if we could have showers it was a mixed emotion response but for Blake's sake (poor boy would have nothing otherwise) and for us to finally have some (although unconventional) normalcy by having a shower for our first baby, we of course said yes to the showers being thrown. 
Friday started out with a shower given to us by Zach's work, and what a wonderful shower it was. Blake 
came and enjoyed the girls, but so quickly zonked out- never even got to see his presents! Don't worry though I was too busy staring at the cake, I barely saw the presents either!!

 A BIG thumbs up for Lane. 

Following that shower, on Sunday, my wonderful friends through another shower. We had several guest come from out of town to see us, and actually on Saturday we got to spend some time catching up. Sunday the shower started at 1 and we were also able to bring Blake out for a short amount of time so his great grandparents could get a glimpse of him for the first time, as well as cousins, aunts and close friends. The shower was a great success with lots of gifts for the little man, and amazing food. 

For both showers, Zach and I can't thank everyone who took the time to come and give our sweet miracle gifts! We know its a bit unconventional and different to have a shower when the baby is already here but we couldn't be more appreciative and we love you all!!

Today we received a call from the monument place we ordered Conor's headstone from, we were surprised when she said that Conor's stone had been placed today at Fernwood. This was a lot faster than we had anticipated. So, I waited until Zach got home from work and we made the trip into town to see our sweet little angel baby. We could not have been more pleased! We can now adorn his headstone with flowers and give him the the beautiful memorial he deserves. So Zach, me, and Blake sat, we sat with Conor. The breeze blowing through the weeping willow, the sun setting. It was beautiful and it was all we could hope for. We are so blessed to have our miracle baby, but never do we not feel that little part of our heart that aches for our little angel Conor. I will never understand why, but I will always know that we loved him whole heartedly, and he will always be right in our hearts. 

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