Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Heads Up!

Tonight is our last night for the next few months of getting to constantly kiss on Mr. Blakers head and run our fingers through his little comb over hair style whenever we want! Tomorrow is the big day.... we say hello to Blake's cranial band to correct his plagiocephaly . I can only hope for two things with the cranial that the helmet doesn't bother blake too much, causing him to be upset all the time and uncomfortable....and secondly i hope for a fast fix! We are looking at at least 8 weeks of wearing the band for 23 out of 24 hours out of the day and could last weeks even months longer if necessary.
I just try and remember it will be completely and utterly worth it no matter how long he has to wear it, and Better to do now while he is so young!! So for now... It's goodbye pretty little head and hello cute little helmet! Pictures to come soon of his new style!

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