Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jingle Bells are finally here!

Little late on this post....
Blake's first Christmas was full of fun, presents and COUGHS.....
The cold hit the Hargis household right in the midst of the Christmas holiday. Thank goodness it didn't hit full force until late in the we were able to enjoy 1st Christmas morning with our miracle baby!

Blake didn't really understand the whole "present" thing but he did enjoy the sound of ripping paper...

Our little man and his cute little Santa booty!!!

We can't leave our "first" child Aussie!! He enjoyed his presents too!!!

Oh and mommy got presents too!!! Zach certainly surprised me when I opened my ONE present to find three individually wrapped presents.... I've never been one to get new electronics I usually just wait until the newest thing comes out and then once zach buys the new product I get his hand-me-downs. It's always worked out well, but this year I couldn't have been more surprised and more excited to find my very own...NEW.... iPad! Spoil me rotten! I must have been very good this year!

Zach got his own fun games and presents for his man cave!!!

Nothing better than waking up Christmas morning to these boys!!!

Me and my Blakers all dressed up and ready for Christmas with the family!

But first we had to make a quick stop to visit and decorate our angel baby's grave on Christmas morning. Not how I envisioned ever spending Christmas morning but it was a very special moment for Zach and I to be able to have some time for Conor on this very special day!

From there we went on to Grandpa and Grandmo Hargis' house!

And boy was Blake getting so many fun and special Christmas presents!

He was loving every minute of it!!! And he loved his 4 ft sock monkey!!!

And got to spend some quality time with his cake Zeb too!!!

And then....on the road again.... To Grandpa and Grandma Dallmeier's!!!

He took a quick nap with his little cousin Kollin!!!

Daddy and Blakers playing with the bows on the presents!

Grammy Pammy and all here grand babies!!! Life is good!!!

That's one proud Grandma!!

Cousin Kaylee given some lovens on Blake when he started feeling a little rough...

Sick or not you would never know it!!! Mommy on the other hand was not hiding not feeling well as good as Blake did!!
The day after Christmas we were all worn out, and Blake and myself were coughing and wiping runny noses all day... But we took time from feeling sick to play with outer new toys from Santa!

He likes to eat his steering wheel....

Blake's new "car" walker bouncer activity toy!!! How cool is that?!?

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