Saturday, January 12, 2013


It's a new year.
The time where people make resolutions- life changing goals, things they want to change for the coming year.
But I wonder....
Why do we wait?
Why do we watch life pass us by everyday and use excuses.
Well.... I'll do that next year, or I cant do that now, change this now, but maybe next year.
Why do we stand Idly by- while our lives flash forward past us.
I have learned the hard way that there might not be a next year, that all your plans might be stripped away from you as fast as you can blink.
I have always been a planner- and not just one that plans a few days no- I was a SUPER planner. I knew weeks ahead what I needed to get done, list upon list- I knew how many years I wanted to be married before Zach and I started trying for children. I knew how many months I needed to get our finances in line. I knew up to seconds what we had to do for my plan to play out perfectly. Look how good that turned out?! My plans came to a complete halt! So why do we spend our whole lives planning if things will be what they are suppose to be- no matter the time spent trying to be prepared for what's to come?
So my resolution for this year? To stop making resolutions and just live life! Day by day not month by month. Taking whatever is handed to us, and making it worth while. Good or bad.
We play victims- poor me, I can't beat this- I can't live through this- why me? All the while when we should be stepping up- and taking control of our life. Controlling what we can and accepting what we can't!
Yes bad things happen- but bad things happen to everyone! What makes us individuals is how we deal with difficulty. Its about whether we choose to sit and curl up in a ball and lose yourself in grief OR whether we stand up, shake it off and move forward.

Move forward.

Don't forget, and don't be afraid to cry... but afterward, stand up and look at your life- really look at it and remember that life is what you make of it! So if you look at your life and make it dark, sad and gloomy you will feel dark and gloomy..but if you wake up and smile and thank The Lord for surviving another day then you will feel something that only those you have survived a trial in life feel.... True happiness! Through trials and tribulation- birth and death- love and grief you can live through it and come out the other end feeling blessed and stronger than you ever have before!

Stay tuned coming up next....
Our household sickness, pneumonia scare, and Blake's cranial band!

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