Wednesday, April 10, 2013

One more day...

Until Blake and Conor's First Birthday!
Party #1 is set up ready to go.
Tomorrow will be a calm day with Zach myself and Blake spending the day together! We hope the thunderstorms stop for a short period of time so we can visit Conor's grave and decorate it with the wreath I made for him for his birthday! Then later that night Zach and my parents will head to our house for dinner and of course.... CAKE!! Tomorrow is a blessing, although we wish Conor were here with us as well, it is the celebration of their birth, and a celebration of making it through the worst year of our lives. Going through old pictures tonight with Zach brought back many emotions- both good and bad- but mostly we were overcome with the feeling of amazement.... knowing for the past year we witnessed a true miracle.

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