Saturday, April 6, 2013

Time Flies.

We sat in the NICU last year and prayed for time to go faster, now I can hardly blink before he grows two more inches.

Time flies.

With the celebration also comes the harsh reality of facing the anniversary of Conor's death.
Those anniversaries are gonna be tough...

April 4th has come and gone, as we remembered that night a year ago. I headed to work without knowing that day would be forever be changed from the day I meet Zach 10 years ago to the day my water broke. It was the 2nd worse day of my life. The fear, the pain, the words spoken softly between my husband and I- all to hard to remember, but all to hard to forget.

April 11th, the boys were born and we plan on having a celebration. A quiet day, with family. A day celebrating the miracles we have witnessed. Celebrating the life of Blakers.

April 12th is our angel day- the anniversary of Conor's passing, the absolute worst day of Zach and my life. I do not look forward to this day, but do look forward in having a whole day remembering and honoring Conor. I know this sounds weird, but having had twins and losing Conor, sometimes "Angel Days" get lost in Blake. It is such a blessing to have Blake and to be able to watch him grow, but at times its hard to take a step back and allow ourselves to mourn appropriately for our son Conor.
So on the 12th is our Angel day, a day specifically for Conor, all about Conor, what a blessing, what a miracle. To have a day with this precious boy was more than we could ever ask- as some parents never know they child, I was able to hold mine, and make it known the love that surrounded him.

As the week comes I ask for prayers, it will be a hard week but we know we can survive it, because with faith we can do anything.

Conor James Hargis
April 11, 2012-April 12, 2012

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