Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gray Hairs.

Well...we've now been home for 8 days! Blake has been doing well- Zach and I on the other hand are going to worry ourselves to death. Every movement, every new noise, every cough we jump and rush to Blake's side! I'm sure he is super tired of our over protective supervision lately. But just as I thought maybe I was being crazy, Blake stopped peeing, developed a nice raspy cough and started pooping all kinds of strange. So today Zach took him to the doctor to settle our gut wrenching, 'worried parents of a sick child' stomach pains. And lo and behold- Blake has a rather severe ear infection. This child of mine is going to give me gray hair, and a heart attack before I'm 30- I'm just sure of it! But as always...who would have known....because Blake is such a tough guy he never lets anyone know something is up. He is all smiles, super playful and acting exactly as he always does. So a round of antibiotics and, as long as he stays how he is now he can stay home and avoid the hospital! Let's just cross out fingers, legs, and toes this time.

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