Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Miracle Ride for Riley Kids

The miracle ride for Riley kids is a foundation that has raised more than 4.1 million dollars for Riley. This year alone they raised $300,000+! This is such a touching experience to witness as a mother of a Riley child. Over 4,000 bikers ride down Riley hospital drive for all to see in honor of these special kids having spend time away from home in the hospital! This is the second year Zach and I have witnessed the ride. The first year was in 2012 when blake was in the NICU fighting for his life. We woke up to it at the Ronald McDonald house and were so confused. It was such an awesome site to see all these bikers driving through the hospital campus- but we had no idea the reason. We did some research and were utterly astounded by the amount of money this foundation raises and the pure generosity of people! This year we just happened to be in the hospital again for the ride but this time blake was able to enjoy the experience with us! We were touched by all the bikers who came out to ride and it was such a wonderful and powerful thing to watch during such a tough stay. We even were given a special dog named "bear" to watch over by one of the bikers, who specifically pulled over to give it to blake! Brought tears to our whole family! The pure compassion these bikers have for these little ones is amazing! Here are some pictures during the ride that we were able to capture!

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