Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Daddy Day!

Not all men could deal with the stress that Zach has endured over the past 2+ years. He was a rock through my high risk pregnancy- and my constant ever changing mood (I don't think it's necessarily just with pregnancy). He was amazing and loving after having our super awesome, super small babies. But it was then having to say goodbye to Conor that I first saw the true father Zach was. He was compassionate, dedicated, loving, gracious, caring, and protective. He transformed right before my eyes from a 28 year old care free, funny guy that everyone wanted to be friends with into a completely love stricken father....all within two seconds. And that has never gone away. Zach continues to show his dedication to being a father from the therapies, medications, learning what in the world certain labs and medical procedures mean- so he can ask the right questions, to hospitalizations, learning to be a good dad without sleeping (what's sleep?) and the list goes on and on and on! Zach is the pure definition of an amazing father. He has fully stepped into his 'daddy' shoes without hesitation. He is always the one to rush to Blake's side if he is crying, he immediately can calm a frazzled mommy, and he can always get Blake giggling....he can even do a pretty rock solid 'hot dog' dance!

Happy Fathers Day to the most amazing father I know---and the cutest too! Love you babe!

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