Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Mother's Wish

A Mother's Wishes.
By: Katie Hargis
I want you to embrace life,
My sweet little boy.
Play make believe,
Pick out your favorite toy.

Climb up the trees,
And run like the wind.
Build spaceships, and choo-choos
And Make lots of friends.

Play in the mud,
And roll in the grass.
Find all the bugs,
Catch your first bass.

Play Cowboys and Indians,
And be a robot.
Jump up and down,
Hide in a good spot.

Play pitch and catch,
Shoot a basketball.
Dust off your knees,
When you tumble and fall.

I wish for you greatness,
I wish for you joy.
I wish that you'll always,
Be my baby boy.

They worried you wouldn't make it,
Not able to climb, or walk.
No jumping, or skipping,
Maybe not even be able to talk.

This was the hand we were dealt,
And what will be will be.
I'm so glad we held on,
Gods plan for us to see.

I watch as you grow,
You smile and coo.
From rolling, to talking
We are amazed at everything you do.

From yelling out "dada"
And attempting to crawl.
To laughing, and playing
And bouncing a ball.

Every sound, every movement,
All the things you can do.
The very sight of your eyes
Proves miracles are true.

It's a love I didn't know I could feel,
A warmth I never knew.
A lifetime of happiness and love
Are my motherly Wishes for you.

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  1. Love this poem Katie, I also love your dreams poem from back in December. You have a beautiful way of writing.


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