Monday, July 1, 2013

Catching up with friends

This past month we were busy busy busy. Blake had many first. First time at the lake, first tooth, first music festival, first baseball game and his very first visit with friends out of town. We traveled to Murray Ky for a weekend so that we could have some much needed friend time! The mommas got their alone time Saturday morning with a pedicure, and the daddies got to go golfing later in the day....and while we caught up the boys played! I think it was good for us, but especially good for Blake as well to be around another baby! And he definitely enjoyed his playtime with his best bud Cohen!

This was Blake anxiously waiting to get to Murray for his first over night visit with Cohen!

I'm not sure Cohen knew what to think about Blake playing with his toys at first.

But soon they were laughing and playing...even past their bedtimes!!!

They even had a heart to heart about sleeping through the night--or at least thats what Lindsey and I think!

Saturday started off a little lazily due to rain...but that didn't stop Mr. Cohen from having a good time!

Then once we got done with our pedicures the rain just wouldn't slow!! So off to lunch we went!

Once the rain stopped the daddies went to play golf and we decided to do a little outdoor play of our own!

We even decided to go on a little stroll around the neighborhood..

Cohen wanted Blake a little closer for the picture!

Blake didn't make it long through the walk.
Later that night the boys found floor playtime so much fun!

The weekend was so fun, and so interesting to watch the boys interact! We definitely found it bittersweet leaving!

But I think Blake definitely has a life long best friend!!!

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