Monday, July 1, 2013

Music Festivals

Blake got to enjoy his very first music festival this past weekend. Music has always been a huge part of Zach and my life. I find myself being lost in lyrics, finding faith in a song, or mourning through a verse. Music is therapy to me. From country, rap, indie, pop, rock, and on and on.... it is very important for us to teach Blake to respect and love all types of music.

So why not start his musical journey by introducing him to the very music his Grandpa Mark and Uncle Zeb play...bluegrass!

Every year Owensboro Ky throws a 3 day music festival called the ROMP (River of Music Party) we have gone for years, and years and over the past few it has exploded into a jam packed music festival with thousands of people coming together to enjoy traditional to more new-age bluegrass. It was a perfect weekend to being Blake down, although I was worried with the heat, the crowd and loud noises it might not go over very well! I however, like usual under estimated the coolness of my child! He enjoyed every bit of it!

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