Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gatlinburg Vacation.

This past weekend Zach, myself and Blake packed up- squeezed in- and prepared for a trip with 16 other members of Zachs family to Gatlinburg, TN. Four, what seemed short, days later we are home and I thought I would share some of my favorite photos from our trip.
The first night Blake passed out in daddy's arms...that 6 hour drive wore him out.

The second day we spent antiquing and then stopped by to watch our cousins ride the NASCAR track go-carts. Blake thought it was funny!

And even got to ride on an arcade motorcycle with daddy a little earlier in the night.

We then ate dinner at the apple barn and after some shopping, Blake was worn out!

The next day was our aquarium adventure. He passed out for the beginning but after a short nap was ready to explore and look at the fishies!

Then we headed to a Mexican restaurant where our whole family enjoyed lunch together.

Where Blake enjoyed some beans, taco meat and cheese dip himself!

The rest of the at consisted of more shopping (it was such a rainy day)and lots of puff eating.

But the best part of the whole vacation?! Blake finally said MOMMA! And it was probably my favorite noise least for now!

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