Thursday, August 29, 2013

Poor Baby!

The gut wrenching feeling of not being able to fix a hurt, to take away a sickness is one of the most heartbreaking feelings I've had as a new mother. The lack of control truly drives me crazy! We luckily haven't had to deal with much sickness since Blake came home last August from the NICU. I must say I think we deserve a lifetime of healthiness after having to endure the first 5 months of Blake's life. I feel we've paid our dues. However, just like all grass eating, mud playing, dirty little tots- sickness kind of comes with the territory.

Sunday night we began our week of sleep deprived sickness! Blake started out with a fountain of snot pouring out of his nose, followed shortly with no sleep, wheezing, difficulty breathing and ending in an admission to the Deaconess pediatric unit! (Our hospital free stretch came to an unwelcome end)

Blake was admitted to the hospital yesterday for a viral infection not improving with antibiotics and breathing treatments at home. Poor Blake was unable eat anything or drink yesterday- he just had no interest. His breathing was still fast and shallow, and he also was showing signs of dehydration with only one pee diaper for a whole day. My poor sick baby was definitely in need of some extra R&R to get back to his normal happy self.

Unfortunately, after an IV being placed for extra hydration, Blake did not get ANY rest- which meant the same for his already sleep deprived mommy and daddy. After 5 pee diapers and 16 ounces of fluid taken, and constantly screaming/crying for 8 hours straight at 2 am Blake decided he was the doctor and had concluded he had enough hydration so he took out his IV himself. I had the nurses call the doctor after they stuck him and were unable to get another IV and since he was drinking and peeing now they decided to give him a shot and leave it out. And then the greatest thing happened......he finally slept (and so did we!)!!!! It was miraculous! Blake did develop a viral rash that started at six last night and did get a little worse through the night but they said that it will go back to normal now that his fever has broke and his breathing is a little better. They trusted us to watch him and treat him ourselves and thought the less stress on him the they sent us home after only one day! And boy are we glad to be home!

This was pre-iv when Blake was still somewhat happy even though he couldn't breathe.

Mommy and Blake playing with his new toy

Poor sick baby- you can see it in his eyes!

Blake was happy to be able to eat his fingers again after he pulled out his IV- we however were still super exhausted! It was 2:30am at this point...

No more IV and.......he is out!

This morning Blake was definitely feeling SO SO SO much better! And even ate a bit!

Happy camper to be coming home!

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