Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Independent Baby!

Today's homework: "Try to allow Blake a little more independence than normal.
How did I accomplish this? I let him completely feed himself. It started out wonderfully!

Good job buddy! So smart! You got it right...spoon in the food, then spoon in your mouth!

Okay, so your done with the spoon huh?

It's okay, it's a suction bowl, at least it won't dump over right? WRONG!!

YouTube Video

Not only did he break the suction of the bowl, after playing with it for a while he decided to then throw it right at mommy! That's love for ya! I ducked don't worry, no harm done....well except for the floor...It got the worst of it. But before pictures could be obtained, Aussie already cleaned it up for us! THANKS PUP!

So back to eating. Might as well finish what we started!

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