Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One year later!

One year ago today, we said goodbye to the NICU-only to say hello to our home sweet home and introduce the world to our sweet little miracle baby, Blake!
So what has changed in the one year of being home?
Blake came home weighing 6lbs 6oz.

Blake is now weighing a little over 20lbs.

Blake came home measuring 19 inches.

Blake now measures at a whopping 30inches.

Blake had very little hair.

Blake now has more hair then his daddy!

Blake only smiled when he was gassy.

Now Blake smiles when he is gassy...and at all other times too!
Boy can't stop smiling!

Blake was introduced to his pup Aussie. Aussie was unsure of him but liked to be close! (As long as Blake didn't touch him he was fine!)

Now Aussie and Blake's relationship....well not all things change.

Things have changed so much in the year that we've been home! We've learned to roll...

And is getting into everything!!!!

We've learned to stand with assistance.

Blake got fitted for his helmet in January.

And Blake finally completed his cranial band therapy today!

We definitely have taken up much more room on our recliner!

My little manis getting bigger and bigger everyday! He surprises us everyday, and although the NICU time seemed to drag on, it seems this year home has flown by! Slow down baby! Mommas not ready for you to be SO BIG!

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