Sunday, November 11, 2012

7 months.

November 11, 2012
At one point time was passing so slowly. We watched clocks as minutes felt like hours, hours felt like days, and we waited, watching everyday slowly pass by, and hoping for the day that we would come home. Now I blink and my son is 7 months old. It has been a long journey from 1lb 6oz, 12 inches long my baby fought through 9 surgeries, many procedures and 139 days in the NICU. Blake hit his lowest weight of 1 pound 1 ounce the week he almost lost his fight. It has been a long journey. Since April 4th there have been 97 blog post, with followers from the US all the way to France, Australia, Malaysia, and many more countries around the world, as time has passed we have grown as a family and we believe we are here today due to many prayers and LOTS of love sent our way!
 Today I can proudly say at Blake's is now weighing 11 pounds, and he is 23 inches long! And this Mommy could not be more happy at how far our little miracle baby has come! 

We bleed blue in our household 
Blake is learning quickly that on Game Day we sport the CATS wherever we go!!

Blake has a new favorite toy, his doggy we call Blue. 
 Blake doesn't always like being on his Boppy 
 But when he does...
We make sure to take pictures!
Blake is a ham these days and loves to smile...capturing them though is another story!
So we do our best to trick him in anyway possible to capture these precious grins!

Who needs a paci? My sweet lil' boy has now discovered his hands and arms serve more purpose than just to look at, he has learned that he can suck his thumb and its "ALMOST" as good as a bottle. 
(Note the word almost!)
 Look at those eye lashes! I know your not suppose to call boys pretty...
 but forget that I cant help it he is one PRETTY baby!!

This past week our little Blake got to meet his best friend Cohen, 
who came all the way from Murray to come and introduce himself. 
Blake however wasn't too impressed he just kept pushing him trying to wake him up!
 Had to have his fingers on him.
 Cute little boys!
 I think Blake bored Cohen!!

Coming soon...our newest pictures! Check out the outfit, yes he is that CUTE!

Here is a riddle...
What is cuter than a sleeping baby?
 A cute baby that sleeps completely through the night!!
 The most exciting news!!! I didn't want to mention for the past two weeks, worrying that I might be speaking too soon. But it is official Blake has graced Zach and I with the best gift. 

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