Monday, November 19, 2012

99 problems.

We are nearing our 100th blog post...but today we celebrate 99. 
So for our 99th blog post...I present you with....
"We have 99 problems, and his TEETH are one."

Lets start with the signs...

1. Blake is drooling ALL over himself and anyone that's holding him. 

My couch after blake had attempted for several minutes to eat it....drool much?

2. Blake is sucking on, biting, and gnawing on anyone and anything that comes close enough.

 Blake attacking his toys...he cant get them in his mouth quick enough.

3. Blake is crying....ALOT! Blake is usually a VERY happy baby, so when he cries it breaks our hearts. 

4. Blake is waking up randomly through out the night (Of course right after he starts sleeping through the this!) he only cries for a bit, and then goes back to sleep.

5. Also fasting (not eating) is a sign too....BUT Blake doesn't have that problem...he loves food! Plus we don't waste food in this house. 

So what do these signs point too?

No teeth have popped through and from what our pediatrician says it could be a while before they do (usually preemies don't start actually getting teeth until closer to a year- but the pain can start as early as 2-3 months before) hopefully we can control these bad days with tylenol, teething rings, and some extra snuggle time. Cause this mommy's heart breaks when my lil' man is upset.

So I have negelected updating the blog with all of Blake's therapies and doctors appointments. First, Blake met with his eye doctor a few weeks ago. All looked well, and she said we are out of the stage that his ROP would regress, so the Laser Surgery from when he was in the NICU did what it was suppose to and there shouldn't be an issue with his eyes in that regard. However, it is still likely that with age and growth Blake will most likely need glasses, and he is showing a slight astigmatism like his daddy. But right now there is no need for anything to be done and he wont be rechecked until June of next year- when he is OVER a year old!! (OH LORD- a year old...I'm gonna have a heart attack just thinking about it.)

Blake also had some labs drawn a few weeks ago with a CBC- which everything was normal. And he had a repeat Newborn screen- which was normal as well. Blake also has had his first Synergist shot for the RSV season--unfortunately he will be getting one every month until May, which is good for him but hard on us since we hate when he gets shots. You would think after being in the NICU for so long we would get used to him being poked and prodded on, but it really is harder than we expected. However, if it gets him through the holidays without catching a cold, or getting RSV and ending up in the hospital, we will suffer through it! So for those of you friends and family, if we don't come over, or go out please don't take offense to it. It is really important this winter season (including the holidays) for us to keep Blake out of big crowds, from school aged kids, and germs in general. We don't like it either, we get cabin fever, but our sons health is the most important.

Blake is doing well with therapy, every week is different than the week before. And its always interesting to see how far he has come, and just to imagine where he will be in another month, let alone another year. He really does well with Mimi (PT) and Heather (OT) for the most part, but sometimes he fights the whole time and shows his stubbornness (which I will not deny that he might have got from me).  As he gets older the therapy gets harder, and he surely lets you know that he is not fond of it too. But we can tell how much stronger he is getting, and when he is relaxed and thinks its play he does SO well, so really its all about tricking him into thinking its not work!!
Mommy and Blake on the exercise ball. 
 Working on neck muscles.
 Working with hip stretches, and grasping objects.
If you can see him hold the links this works on fine motor skills. 

All in all our life is pretty much a set schedule, between doctors appointments, therapies, exercise and stetching...and although we are super busy and sometimes just plum tired, this has become our normal and we wouldn't change it for the world. 
Our next adventure?
Zach and I are planning our first outing without Blake since we came home on August 21st...
whew...I don't even like thinking about it, but it will be much needed. I'll keep you posted on how that goes next weekend. Until then...PICTURES!

 My boys all hanging out.
 Blake meeting Mario- the stuffed Mario is still BIGGER than him.
 Daddy and Blake sitting and playing Super Mario.

Blake petting Aussie. 
Aussie couldn't decide if he liked it or not. We are still waiting on the verdict. 


  1. We had a hard time getting people to understand the RSV lockdown. Even our close family didn't really understand, our daughter Lily looked healthy, acted healthy why can't you just come over there are only 5 of us. Or there are only close family (which in my family is like 10-20 people- we are a big family!) it took a lot of arguing, explaining but we made it last year all RSV season without catching anything! I know you guys can to just sanitize, stay away from big crowds my golden rule was over 5 people, and call the doctor if you think anything is different- moms know before their children are actually sick usually- we can tell if even the littlest things are different! I hear this season there have been more cases of bugs, and RSV! So just keep doing what your doing from what I've read you are both great parents to protect your little one- even if it does give you "cabin fever!"

  2. Ahhh RSV lockdown. Stinks! We only go see our parents our doctor advised not letting him out anywhere because of his oxygen problems. So home arrest it is.


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