Monday, August 6, 2012

8 is enough!

August 6, 2012

Number 8 is around the corner...tomorrow is Blake's shunt surgery. The surgery is scheduled for eight in the morning and the Neuro-surgeons will be accompanied by the general pediatric surgeons for the part that includes his belly. They are doing this to ensure that after all Blake's abdomen issues that the shunt catheter can stay in the belly without causing further complications. Dr. Ackerman will be the Neuro surgeon, she is the same doctor that placed Blake's resevior back in July. Dr. Rouse is the general surgeon, he has been with us from the beginning! He did Blake's first surgery placing the pin-rose drain, he did Blake's second surgery the emergent exploratory laporatomy, and did Blake's last surgery the take-down abdominal we know we are handing Blake over to the BEST!! That being said...please say a quick prayer tonight for mommy and daddy as this NEVER gets easier. It's been a very emotional day, we know that this surgery leads us closer down the path to going home but it is always so hard...Blake will have to go back on the ventilator AGAIN...and you never want to put your children through anything that will cause them pain. So I ask you tonight and tomorrow morning to also pray for our son Blake, pray for for his surgeons, and for a complete recovery! We still have one surgery after this... but this is getting us closer to being able to
Come home! We will try to keep you updated tomorrow as soon as we can! As always thanks for your love and support family, friends and strangers alike!! We couldn't do this and make it through all this without you!!
Now for bath time pictures....

Telling daddy that he HAtES baths!!

Just relaxing now...I think he is getting the hang of it now!!

Babe you went cross eyed again!

"Mom, stop taking pics!! This is awful!!"

And we're out cold!! Sleeping soundly!!


  1. I am saying prayers for your family each a special pray that God blesses the hands of the surgeons as they begin to operate. I can't imagine what you go through each day, the emotions, the roller coaster your family has been on. What I do know is that God is there every step of the way. You two are amazing parents! Prayers again today for Blake's surgery and for the two of you during the waiting period...

    Christy (Coworker/Friend of Pam)

  2. Lifting you all up in prayer!


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