Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Home sweet Home.

A glimpse into our "coming home" and first night outside of the NICU.

Blake was waving ready!

One last goodbye to the NICU.

Daddy waving goodbye!

Blake's first walk around the hospital.

Happy times! Happy tears!

Zach, Me and Blake with our nurses.

He is suave and he knows it!

We are coming home!!

Blake in Henderson with great grandma Evelyn.

So happy to be home!

Daddy and his boys!

Me and my doggie!! So happy to see him!!

Daddy snuggling with our lil' man

Blake slept a little- and woke up every three hours hungry as can be!! He is eating way more now that he is home...and Zach and I are happy to oblige and be sleep deprived as can be....because we are home and it is heavenly!!

Just a swinging away!

Next up our first meeting with our pediatrician on Friday...


  1. I saw you guys on the chive and i have been keeping up with you guys for a while. You guys are a true inspiration to everyone. I am so happy you guys got to go home and I wish you guys so much luck in the future. Keep Calm and Chive On!

  2. Major tears and HUGE goosebumps seeing you at machines, tubes, nurses!!! LOVE it!!!! Enjoy ur first days home. (((HUGS)))


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