Friday, August 17, 2012


After a LONG two and a half hours...Blake's 9th surgery is finally finished! Everything went great, a little hiccup in the middle of the surgery, but everything ended great! While repairing Blake's abdominal wall hernia, Dr.Rouse found a small connecting hydrocele. This is a small pocket of fluid coming from the excess fluid caused by the shunt. This was a quick and easy fix and while they were already operating went ahead and repaired it as well (so does that count as 10 surgeries?) Blake also had his circumcision completed while he was under general anesthesia (the boy has already been through enough we were trying to be nice!)
So something did happen during this surgery that has never happened before- right after surgery they went ahead and extubated Blake from the breathing machine and placed him on a nasal cannula!! YAY!!! Thanks for all the prayers, we will be posting pics of our little man soon once we get to go back to see him!


  1. I love this Blog. I look at it Every day along with praying every day :)!!

  2. Yeah for Blake!!! Lots of prayers!!!!


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